Barrenlands Hunting

On the trail of Barrenland beasts

The rolling, wide-open Barrenlands are a riot of colour in late summer. Bracing clean air sharpens your senses as you travel by boat on a clear blue lake, scanning treeless ridges that roll away to infinity. Barrenland hunts include black bear, grizzly, wolf, wolverine and small game.

Caribou Hunting Notice

Studies conducted by the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Environment and Natural Resources conclude that barrenground caribou herds in the Northwest Territories have been declining and are at low numbers. To assist in the conservation and recovery of these herds, there is currently no outfitted hunting for barrenground caribou in the NWT.

There has been no change to resident and non-resident hunting of the boreal caribou in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories. For more information on barrenground caribou populations and management actions to protect these herds in the Northwest Territories, contact an Environment and Natural Resources Regional Office or visit the department’s website at

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