Snowmobile Reindeer Herding Experience

$ 4,400 CAD

per person + GST


Contact: Kylik Kisoun


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Snowmobile Reindeer Herding Experience

Offer Date: 
March 5 - 17, 2017

On this 4-day Arctic adventure you will experience the Arctic with locals as you live and learn the mysteries of the Northern way of life. For two days you will travel on your very own snowmobile alongside Inuit reindeer herders who have crossed this terrain year after year, generation after generation, herding thousands of reindeer who must be hurried across the Arctic tundra to their spring calving grounds.
Night falls and the brightness of the Arctic sun gives way to a cozy evening as you bundle into the warmth of the basecamp lodge. Enjoy local cuisine and cultural activities shared by your Inuit host as part of this Authentic Arctic Experience. The wonder continues as the potential for viewing the magnificence of the Aurora Borealis turns your attention skyward as your breath dances in the cold air of the polar night.
Daytime adventures kick into gear when you drive on the famed Ice Road. This will be the last year for having the truly unique experience of travelling on such an incredible feat of Arctic transportation. At the end you will reach the town that locals call ‘Tuk’ -- the isolated community of Tuktoyaktuk. Here you will experience and learn the ways of life of the people who also call it 'home'.

Package Includes

  • Airport shuttles 
  • One night at the Mackenzie Hotel 
  • All meals while on your tours and while staying at the lodge.* 
  • Full day Tuktoyaktuk Ice Road vehicle tour 
  • Full-day reindeer-herding experience by snowmobile
Dates may be subject to change due to the timing of the reindeer herd's annual crossing. For additional information please contact us online or give us a call!