Reindeer Tour Package (Bronze) - edited


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Contact: Judi Falsnes 


Phone: (867)777-3535

Reindeer Tour Package (Bronze) - edited

Offer Date: 
March 5 -11, 2017

Experience an overnight snowmobile trip to our Arctic tundra camp to visit and photograph the historic Canadian reindeer herd and see the legendary Aurora. This package also includes a “last chance” van trip on the famous ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, plus airport shuttles, town shuttles, four nights’ accommodation in a full-service cabin at Arctic Chalet, and a day of dog sledding with our famous white huskies. We supply a winter parka, snow pants and boots so you can stay warm while playing outside in the snow!


  • Sunday
    • Airport welcome
    • Shuttle to Arctic Chalet
    • Check into your room
    • Town of Inuvik tour (2 hrs)
  • Monday
    • Snowmobile to the Arctic tundra to see the one and only Canadian reindeer herd in its winter grazing area
    • Hot lunch around a campfire next to the herd
    • Hot dinner at the tundra camp and sleep in a heated tent on a cot. 
  • Tuesday 
    • Hot breakfast
    • Snowmobile back to Inuvik 
  • Wednesday
    • Enjoy a full-day van tour on the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk that includes driving on the Arctic Ocean
  • Thursday
    • Your chance to experience dog sledding at its best driving your own team of white huskies
    • Hot campfire lunch along the way
  • Friday
    • Check out and airport shuttle
    • Fly back south