Mountain River Canoe Trip


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14 days from Norman Wells, NT

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Mountain River Canoe Trip

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July - August, 2016

Guide's Choice Whitewater Canoe Trip

The Mountain River is our ‘guide’s choice’ as the best wilderness canoeing river in Canada. This wild whitewater river flows 370 km, dropping over 1,200 metres over its course, with large volume rapids, fast current and five beautiful canyons. Our float plane lands at the headwaters lake, surrounded by craggy mountains. These reach heights of over 2,700 metres, dominating the background with rock colours of buff, grey, cinnamon, green and maroon.

Starting in a creek scarcely wide enough to float our canoes, we wind through miles of uninhabited country. Tributary streams add volume, and we’ll have fun in class 1 - 3 rapids. The river flows in constant meanders, cutting its way through the sandstone and shale. The current is furious and we will cover large distances with easy paddling. The numerous rapids can change drastically due to the often rising and falling water levels. With a spray cover on our canoe, we should be able to run them all.

Campsites are on gravel bars or alluvial fans, and offer easy access for us to hike in the surrounding canyons and hills. You’ll want to keep your cameras handy in case you catch sight of caribou, moose, wolves, Dall’s sheep, grizzly or black bear. The Mountain is perfect for the intermediate paddler keen to explore the ultimate wilderness river.