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Yellowknife Online produces Yellowknife specific articles and content for visitors, residents, and newcomers. Yellowknife Online has recently transferred that knowledge and information into a set of localized tours. Tours are primarily guided by Yellowknife Online creator and author Kyle Thomas, a lifelong Yellowknifer, who loves introducing people to the city.

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Kyle Thomas
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(867) 444-0901
Yellowknife, NT
Aurora Day Trips

Experience the north under the Northern Lights. Enjoy the great outdoors with the comfort of a heated tent and woodstove.

Travel out of the city of Yellowknife along a remote road to a secluded location untouched by anyone else where you will find a private lake for viewing the Aurora Borealis. During your experience, a canvas tent will be heated up making it a cozy spot for you to warm up while waiting for the new showing of Northern Light.

While on this tour you could be treated to a hot beverage, northern inspired snacks or even be taught how to make fried bannock depending on your guide.

Duration: 4-5 Hours
Min People: 2 people (potentially 1)
Max People: 4-6 people (Can accommodate more depending on request)
Availability: Winter, Early-spring

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Culture and Touring
Summer, Winter

Explore Yellowknife through the eyes of a lifelong lover of the city.

Taking this tour is like spending a few hours with a best friend you didn’t know you had while learning about a place you never thought you’d fall in love with.

Get picked up at your desired location and be wheeled around Yellowknife checking out all the common points of interest and some lesser-known gems of the city. At the same time listen to stories of how Yellowknife came to be from someone who grew up in Yellowknife but is also obsessed with absorbing as much information as possible.

While on the tour you will learn about all the other activities, tours, eateries, and people you need to meet, visit and see while in Yellowknife. This tour is best taken soon after you arrive in Yellowknife.

Duration: 2 Hours
Min People: 1 Person
Max People: 4 People
Pickup Location: Wherever you are (hotel, B&B, Airbnb, restaurant, airport, etc.)
Other Information: If desired at the beginning of your tour we’ll make a stop at one of Yellowknife’s fantastic coffee shops to grab a cup on the go with a sweet treat. All on us of course ;).

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Visitor Services
Summer, Winter

Yellowknife Online provides practical and requested information about the city for residents, visitors, and newcomers. Our online content can help you learn about Yellowknife, how to plan for a visit, what to pack, what there is to do and see and how to make the most of your time in Yellowknife, whether it is 3 days or 30 years. 

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