Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated

The Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated is working with government to ensure Chapter 12 of the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement on Economic Measures is being implemented efficiently.

 On April 1, 2007 effective until March 31, 2012, the Memorandum of Understanding for contracting within the Sahtu Settlement Area with the Government of the Northwest Territories came into effect. The MOU establishes a process toward improving the participation of Sahtu beneficiary owned businesses in the GNWT contracting, within the Sahtu Settlement Area.

The MOU requires that projects planned for the fiscal year exceeding $5,000 are sent to the Sahtu Secretariat Inc. Business Development Officer to be provided to Register Sahtu Businesses in advance of public release, providing an opportunity to prepare bids in advance. The desired outcome for the MOU is for Registered Sahtu Businesses to be awarded 50% of the GNWT contracting by value within the Sahtu Settlement Area.

SSI looks forward in serving the best interest of the Sahtu Settlement Area business community through more government agreements in the future, ensuring the Sahtu Dene & Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement is being achieved to its full capacity.



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Kirk Dolphus
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+86 (758) 947-1923
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