Got Muktuk Inc.

Our mission is to provide information about Arctic communities - the kind you won't find in a visitor's guide. In addition, we promote a line of "got muktuk" clothing and souvenirs.

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Contact Name: 
Clint MacNichol
Primary Phone Number:
(867) 376-0004
Fort Resolution, NT X0E omo
Summer, Winter
Since our family relocated to the Arctic over a year ago, we went from wide-eyed, quaking in our boots to ultimate cheerleader.  We cannot shut up about how great our Arctic experience has been. Part of our plan is to provide detailed, area specific information about Arctic Communities.  The type of information you do not find in a visitor guide, helping to demystify the Arctic. In addition to information, we want to get the word out with our line of "got muktuk?" clothing and souvenirs, which will be sold in gift shops and retail outlets throughout the North.  We want visitors and resident alike to seek out our merchandise as a badge signifying they can answer yes to, got muktuk? Please feel free to visit our website: It is still in the development stage, but it is a preview of what is to come. Sincerely, Clint MacNichol