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Arctic Adventure Tours offers a variety of summer and winter tours. In summer we feature our Tuk Tour, a spectacular flying tour to the community of Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea. Our Dempster Fly/Drive package is also a fantastic tour. In winter we feature dogsledding, snowmobiling and driving on ice roads. 

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Aurora Day Trips

In winter this is a great place to also watch the Aurora Borealis away from city lights and also enjoy the best dogsledding ever!

Boat/Canoe Rentals
Arctic Adventure Tours offers Canoe and Kayak rentals for self-guided river expeditions. Olav, an experienced Arctic bush pilot who knows the country is available to help you plan your trip. $200 per week for our popular Royalex Expedition Canoes.Spray covers, paddles & PFDs included.Daily rates: $45 for Canoes.Prices include all accessories.
Campgrounds and Cabins
Summer, Winter
The Arctic Loon Chalet is a comfortable and spacious secluded cabin located in a beautiful area about 20 kilometers from Inuvik. The cabin is situated up on a cliff overlooking a tranquil lake and is accessible in winter by snowmobile or by dog team. In summer it is a great hiking destination from the Dempster Highway. We offer guided hikes to the cabin any time of the year. At the cabin you can pamper yourself with a good soak in our new cedar outdoor hot tub followed by a nice dinner that includes salmon or Arctic Char. This quiet wilderness retreat is a place where you can connect with yourself and with nature. In winter it is an ideal place to watch the Aurora away from city lights. You can also enjoy accommodations in our own log home or cabins at the Arctic Chalet summer and winter. Our full-service cabin units are clean, cozy and comfortable. For more info visit:
Welcome to dogsledding at its best! This is real mushing in the REAL NORTH, above the arctic circle. Learn to command and drive your own dog team getting a taste for mushing through complete hands on experience. Our tour allows you to interact with real Northern Arctic sled dogs, not racing hounds. For your dog sledding experience we offer several different tours. Our introductory tour is €œThe Fabulous Fun Run€ where we run for about one hour on an exciting and unique trail system like none other. Our €œOvernight Tour€ takes you on a half-day run to a spacious and comfortable bush cabin up in the hills overlooking a tranquil lake. Out at the cabin you can do some snowshoeing and also enjoy soaking in our outdoor hot tub while viewing the Aurora away from the city lights. Half-day and full day trips are also available. In April we offer a MULTI-DAY EXPEDITION from Inuvik to the Beaufort Sea. We take up to four dog teams at a time with each person driving 5 or 6 of our beautiful White Huskies. This is a 6-day camping trip through some awesome country on an overland route that takes you out of the Mackenzie Delta, up into the barrenlands and across the Eskimo Lakes that connect to the Arctic Ocean. Our journey takes us on to the Inuvialuit village of Tuktoyaktuk and beyond. You will see the Pingo Canadian Landmark, a whaling camp and experience traveling on some beautiful sea ice. This trip is an experience of a lifetime and is geared for the healthy and physically fit person.
Flightseeing Tours
The Tuk Tour is the most popular flying tour in Inuvik and there is a good reason for that! This flight takes you right up to the Beaufort Sea and the village of Tuktoyaktuk (Tuk for short). On our tour you will enjoy a 50-minute scenic flight over the Mackenzie Delta and down the river where you will fly past a whaling station and then over to the pingos for which Tuktoyaktuk is famous. Your charming Inuvialuit guide will meet you at the airport with a vehicle and will give you an interesting 2-hour ground tour of the village. On the tour you will have the chance to dip your toe into the Arctic Ocean or you can take the polar bear plunge! Another highlight of this tour is going down into the underground community "ice house" or freezer buried deep in the permafrost. We will give you a headlamp so you can see this fascinating and unique place up close as you explore up and down each corridor. As you walk into the various rooms you will see ice crystals on the ceiling and walls of sand, silt and ice. In the rooms you might see frozen fish, parts of caribou, pails of muktuk or other parts of animals used for food; all kept frozen naturally all year. After your ground tour your pilot will take you back to Inuvik on a different route so you can see the barren lands and tundra. This delightful half-day tour takes 4 hours from take off to landing and is something you will never forget. Cost is $385 to $400 per person. Herschel Island Tour We also offer a fabulous day trip in a float plane up to Herschel Island situated in the Beaufort Sea. This is the best flying tour that you could possibly do in this area! The 1.5 hour flight each way takes you over some breathtaking scenery and gives you a chance to see moose, caribou, muskox, bears and other wild animals. You will land in Pauline Cove where the park rangers will meet you and give you a tour of the historic buildings reminiscent of the days when there was a thriving whaling community on the island. You have 2 hours to hike and explore around the island. The wild flowers and bird life are extraordinary. Herschel Island is truly magical! Total time is about 5-6 hours. $650 per person for four passengers.
Ice Roads

If you come to Inuvik in winter you can travel with us on the world's longest ice road! We will drive you 185 kilometers on the Mackenzie River ice from Inuvik to the Beaufort Sea and over to Tuktoyaktuk, an Inuvialuit village on the Arctic Ocean. You also get a tour of the village and will have the rare opportunity to see the incredible underground community ice house buried deep in the permafrost. (The visit to the ice house is only available to some tour operators). It's an unforgettable experience. Best time to travel the ice road is February through the middle of April. 

Let us take you by snowmobile to visit the Canadian Reindeer Herd up on the wild tundra. This is an easy day trip with lots of photo stops. The trip is about two to three hours of traveling each way and everyone has the option to drive a machine without a passenger sitting behind. Once we are within the grazing area we will be met by the Sami reindeer herder who will escort us to the herd where we will spend a couple of hours. We will all have lunch around a campfire with the herder who will tell us about the history of this unique herd. After lunch you can walk with the herder to get some great pictures of this herd of about 3,000 animals. For more information go to: